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I have been working with Cloud Potential for about a year now. They were tasked with some very complex projects, including increasing leads from search engine optimization in a very competitive industry and a poor online presence. The industry is so competitive that it was not worth us continuing with AdWords PPC campaigns, due to the high cost per conversion, especially after Google removed sidebar ads from search results. So we shut the PPC campaigns down, not really knowing what would happen. Joe and Kristin put a plan together to improve SEO and executed quickly and perfectly.  At this time, we are receiving as many leads from organic search as we did with PPC, which has never happened for us before. They provide very good analysis and base plans and actions on real data. They work great with our internal team for collaborating on solutions and understanding our goals and our industry.  I’ve worked with countless firms over the course of my career. Very few marketing agencies out there are this thorough and willing to work every step of the way through complex business problems and deliver these results.

Desiree Bryant

Director, Virtual Marketing Services - Onlinevirtualcmo.com.

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If you’re like me, you have something incredible to bring to a world waiting through your business, product or service. Like most, you work hard to deliver on that promise only to have your momentum halted by marketing complications or confusion. What a horrible distraction! I know what I’m good at – so I let Cloud Potential do what they’re good at! They’re the masters of marketing construction, ideation and tech-application! They listened and quickly came up with competitive solutions that fit my needs to a tee! In no time, I was back doing what I love full of confidence in their solutions, support and services! Success doesn’t require you to be the expert as long as you have experts that make you successful! Thank you Cloud Potential!

Mark Soderwall

CEO, Indie Game University

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Cloud Potential

4300 Caterpillar Road,
Redding, CA 96003
Phone: 800-241-0341

Cloud Potential Marketing Center

Cornerstone Marketing & Cloud Wise Academy
4300 Caterpillar Road, Redding, CA 96003
(530) 515-9851

Cloud Wise Academy

4300 Caterpillar Road,
Redding, CA 96003
Phone: 800-241-0341

Cloud Potential founded Cloud Wise Academy.

One of the reasons businesses are struggling with marketing is the lack of marketing technicians. We set out to help solve this problem by founding Cloud Wise Academy, a “learn to earn” school that teaches the most in-demand technical skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. how to build websites, how to use WordPress, search engine optimization, and more.

Some of the students have become interns at Cloud Potential, to assist our large team of technicians. Others have been hired by local Redding businesses to put their new skills to work.

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