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I’m going to jump into talking about outbound links. There was an article from Yoast talking about what they are and whether or not outbound links matter. Chauncey, can you break down this article: Do outbound links matter for SEO?

Chauncey: Yeah, I can. First of all, outbound links are links that link away from your website to somewhere else. Their main question is, do they make a positive impact?

Joe: As a business owner, I would wonder this, and I answer this question to my clients often. I don’t want people to leave my website; I want to stay on my website and buy from me. So is it helpful to link them away from my website somewhere else?

Chauncey: And at the risk of sounding rude, ultimately, as a business owner, the little things that you want are irrelevant. What you want is success.

The answer is it does help you. You have a primary goal and that is for your customers to give you their money either by purchasing your goods or buying your services. Having a primary goal implies that there is a secondary one. The secondary goal of businesses is for your visitors to go about their merry way across the internet. They used you as part of the highway.

Google looks your way and sees that someone came to your site and bought your product, and that’s great, and Google recognizes that. If they don’t buy something, they followed a link and went on their way. People found your site useful, and Google will serve this up more. As long as people are finding your site useful for whatever reason, Google will like you and will serve you up and show you to more customers more often.

Joe: If you aren’t linking through your site and people don’t end up buying anything and then just leave, you are communicating to Google that consumers don’t like your site. They’re not going to buy anything from you, and you’re not going to help them in their search on the Internet. What value do you bring? Google is not going to share your site.

One thing to throw in here is that you’re not linking out to your competitors. Those who are coming to your site and moving on across the Internet are not necessarily there for services. They’re there for information and you can provide that.

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