Joe: Welcome to the Being Found Show. We are here to help you get found by more buying customers. Our 2-minute tip for this segment is about how important it is to Google your own business. It’s a little crazy how often businesses don’t google themselves or don’t google their products or try to find out what people think about their products.

I might have mentioned this before but I was sitting across from a prospective client, and the phone rang, and he goes, man, that happens all the time. There are people who pull into my driveway to my house instead of my office. And they call and ask, Hey, I just went to your address, and you weren’t there. He goes, why are they going to my house? I asked him if he has ever googled himself? I showed him that on Google in Google My Business, his address was listed as his home instead of his business. He would have never realized that unless he Googled his business.

Chauncey: So follow through with what you see when you Google yourself. Correct the wrong information you see when you Google yourself. Take a look at your site from the perspective of a customer. You wouldn’t want your site to display that it is a brand new WordPress site and neither would a customer. Pay attention to the details.

Joe: When you are Googling yourself, you don’t want only to Google your site, but your products also. You should even Google as a customer would. Ask Google where to find a good taco or where to get a margarita in your area if you own a Mexican restaurant. Google your products and see what your customers would see.

A big one is to check that your service hours are correct. If we all just think about it as consumers, I know that if I’m heading somewhere and it’s important that I get a task done or I have a limited amount of time, I’ll check and see if the business is open by Googling it, and Google is going to display that time. If your summer and winter hours are different and you still have your winter hours up during the summer, you’re going to lose those extra hours of business.

Chauncey: Google knows what time it is. So if you’re closed at seven and your competitors are open till nine, Google is more apt to show your competitor in the map pack when they’re open during the overnight hours.

Joe: I want to give some advice. Pick one goal and focus on that and get that done before moving to the next. So after you’ve googled yourself if you don’t feel like you’re showing up where you should be, let’s say for camper shells, and you want to show up higher in the results, make that your goal and work towards that. You may not know how to achieve that goal on your own. Start calling SEO companies and website companies and find out what it will take to rank at number 3 or number 1 when a customer searches for camper shells in the organic search. Listen to them, strategize, think it through and make a step in the right direction. Take those little steps until you get to that ranking or reach that goal you have set.

Chauncey: I think some businesses feel it is impossible to be found the right way online but it is about making progress not about reaching perfection. Being found for one product or in one platform is better than not being found anywhere. Chip away at that block until you have reached a point where you are being found where you need to be and by the right audience.

Joe: Our 2 Minute Tip is to “Google Yourself”. Pick something important to be found for and don’t give up until you are being found for it in the right place by the right people.

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