Joe: Good Morning and welcome to the Being Found Show. I am your host Cloud Wise Joe here with my co-host, Chauncey Haworth, who is an SEO superhero. If your company isn’t being found, then who’s is? We’re going to be your guide to make sure you’re being found by more buying customers. This is the best hour of radio for business. So, Chauncey, we are going to go over a topic that is hot this week; Facebook.

Chauncey: People are kind of all over the place with how they feel about it. This is one of those few things that blurs political lines between government and business affairs. It deals with the idea of privacy but is also the government attempting to control a business. It is one of those things everyone has an opinion on, and it doesn’t seem so polarized like so many other things in this country. There are lots of people on both sides of this one.

Joe: It’s very interesting to see. I’m going to circle us around to why what has been going on in the news regarding Facebook matters to the Being Found Show. In the heart of what is going on, Facebook weaves its way through our lives no matter how political we are or what we are doing.

What is interesting is the concerns about Facebook are also the reasons us marketers and businesses need to learn to use it. What we are hearing is that people are concerned that Mark Zuckerberg can influence billions of people and decides what content is presented to the nearly 400,000,000 Americans.

I think on a past show we talked a little bit about this. Something like 66% of people gets their news from social media. What people don’t understand is that social media is curtailed to you. If I am a fan of the second amendment and I want there to be guns, I will be presented with a bunch of pro-second amendment information. If I am against guns, it is going to pump anti-second amendment information my way.

It is backing up our belief systems and considering how 66% percent get their news from social media; we are presented with exactly what we need to stand strong on our views but little against them. It creates a powerful force telling them what to believe and filtering out what they don’t want to see.

That is a great way of describing it. Facebook is one of the most powerful channels, next to Google and if your business isn’t connected, that is one less place you are being found by buying customers.

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