Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show. We are your guide to being found online by more buying customers. I’m your host Chauncey filling in for Cloud Wise Joe. I am here with my co-host, Jake Hinton, Project Manager at Cloud Potential in Redding California.

We are going to talk about businesses will be impacted by Google Duplex: An AI system for accomplishing real-world tasks over the phone. Google Duplex is a personal assistant where you tell it to do something, and it does it for you. The amazing thing is the system can understand the nuances of conversation. Why do it for yourself when Google will do it for you? I think this audio from Google AI will better explain it to you.

Google Duplex Demo from Google IO 2018

Google Duplex: Hi, I’m calling to book a woman’s haircut for our client. I’m looking for something on May third.

Salon employee: What time are you looking for?

Google Duplex: 12 PM.

Salon Employee: We don’t have a 12 PM available. The closest we have to 12 PM is 1:15.

Google Duplex: Do you have anything between 10 AM to 12 PM?

Salon Employee: That depends on what service she would like. What service is she looking for?

Google Duplex: Just a woman’s haircut for now.

Salon Employee: We have a 10 AM.

Google Duplex: 10 AM is fine.

Salon Employee: What is the first name?

Google Duplex: The first name is Lisa.

Salon Employee: Okay, perfect. So I will see Lisa at 10 AM on May third.

Google Duplex: Okay great, thanks.

Salon Employee: Have a great day.

Google Duplex: Bye.

“We have been working on this technology for many years. It’s called Google Duplex. It brings together all our investments over the years and natural language, understanding deep learning, text to speech. By the way, when you are done, the assistant can give you a confirmation notification saying your appointment has been taken care of. Let me give you another example. Let’s say you want to call a restaurant, but maybe it’s a small restaurant which is not readily available to book online. The call actually goes a bit differently than expected.

Google Duplex: Hi. I’m, I’d like to reserve a table for Wednesday the seventh. It is for 4 people.

Restaurant employee: It is for 4 people. When?

Google Duplex: How long is the wait usually to be seated?

Restaurant employee: When? For tomorrow or weekday?

Google Duplex: For next Wednesday at 7.

Restaurant employee: You can come for 4 people. You do not need a reservation. 

Google Duplex: Oh I gotcha. Thanks.”

Chauncey: So tell me that isn’t mind-blowing. They did a fantastic job. In that second example, you can actually hear the cadence, and the speed of Google changed to match the person who was answering the phone, which is just mind-blowing.

The AI adjusted itself due to accommodate the language barrier as well. Can you imagine what this will do for moms and families? It would be beneficial. I have had a little bit of a concerning revelation here lately that 100 years ago, we used to have eight hour work days and since then we’ve created tons of technology to ease the workforce, yet we still have eight-hour workday.

Jake: I should add that we now have a higher standard of living to go along with that.

Chauncey: The ramifications on the other side of this, get a little weird as with everything when it comes to the technology. I want to make a point that there has never been a time in human history when there is an invention that society has been opposed to. This is something that is really going to happen. The other side of the is the idea of the robocalls and the trickery.

Jake: We get a lot of that already.

Chauncey: But can you imagine getting a call from me and it is my voice but it really isn’t me? That isn’t a huge reach. This upcoming presidential election might not be a huge one but can you imagine for the next 4-year election you get a real call from the candidates where they tell you what they stand for and you can ask live questions and get answers to them?

Artificial Intelligence Customer Service for Business

Jake: Chauncey, how do you see this affecting a small business?

Chauncey: Well, I think business owners need to be ready for it. Inevitably, in the beginning, there’s going to be some hangups and consumers are going to hop on it a lot faster than businesses because that’s always the case.

Eventually, its possible businesses can use it to take phone calls and book reservations. I wonder how difficult it would be for that small business, if they don’t want to take reservations anymore, to set up a Google Duplex to do it for them?

Jake: It may be as simple as a business provide a schedule and Google Duplex takes calls and fills in the reservations.

Chauncey: We’ll probably see that start happening pretty quick. Let’s say I have a small business or restaurant, I have a point of sale booking system and I get a call from a Google assistant saying, “Hey, we want to make a reservation.” At that point, I forward it to my other line, and Google Duplex takes care of all that. It’s computers talking to computers about what we are eating for dinner. It is revolutionary and small businesses need to be ready for it.

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