Chauncey: Good morning and welcome to the Being Found Show the greatest hour of radio ever or maybe the greatest hour of radio ever for businesses. Cloud Wise Joe has left the building. He’s taken a hiatus because he is so busy, usually Joe hosts and I’m the co-host, Today I am the host and filling in as a co-host is Project Manager at Cloud Potential, Jake Hinton.

So this show is about businesses being found by their customers or their potential customers. The question anyone in business needs to ask themselves is; “If your business is not being found, who’s is?” The answer to that is, all of your competitors. There’s a finite amount of people out there looking for your services, and you need to get out there and compete.

That’s really what marketing always has been, and people get a little scared of marketing on the Internet. Frankly, marketing has always been a collection of spending money and calculating how much you got from the spend of money.

Let’s say as a business you invest in a radio ad, and spend $100, and that gets 10 people to convert, meaning 10 people have now bought product or services from your $100 investment. That means that you paid $10 for conversion, let’s say 20 people called, but only 10 converted. That means that you paid $5 a lead and $10 a conversion.

The internet feels scary to many business owners, its sort of like back in the day when you were buying radio ads; you didn’t know how the radio works and that puts a little bit of extra pressure on, you just have to buy anyway. Also, it’s not just the ads, but also understanding and knowing how to track whether or not those are working. That’s an art form in itself. I don’t know how to put this politely, but if you have a business and you’re not online, at this point it’s absolutely ridiculous.

It’s like being in the eighties and not having a business card. It’s a recipe for not having a business for much longer. I realized that you might have other marketing avenues, but if you’ve had your business long enough, you know that those other avenues are slowly closing up and that’s because it’s all moving over to the Internet.

So let’s say you only lost 10 bucks this month. I lost 10 bucks a month, but eventually that 10 bucks are going add up and there isn’t going to be any left. If you don’t have the time or the resources to get online today, what you can do is jump on your cell phone, start a Google My Business account, it takes less than five minutes, and that alone can represent a great deal of traffic to your business.

Jake, you work at an internet marketing company called Cloud Potential, and your job is a  cross between project management and client outreach. So I thought we’d run down some of the things that a business should do to get started with an internet marketing company. A lot of business owners don’t even know where to start.

Before seeking out an internet marketing company to hire, it would help to have a few things figured out, including what we call “NAPS.” (Name, Address, Phone number and Stuff.) Oddly enough one of the things businesses often don’t have figured out is their business name.

Jake: Yes, I agree. I’ve gotten everything like: We used this name for the IRS and we use our name without the LLC at the end, or we add LLC at the end in some places. We have one name on our sign and another name on our website.

Chauncey: Basically, the goal is to have your business name formatted the same across the internet. This will help your business in being found because it will avoid confusing Google and your customers.

Jake: Another critical piece of information to have ready to share with a marketing company is a list of the services you offer, this will make sure your marketing company knows what to research to make sure your marketing efforts are targeting the correct customer base.

Chauncey: The final thing to have ready for your prospective marketing company is access to your domain, which includes logins and passwords. Make sure you have access to anything that you own, don’t allow a marketing company to have access codes that you don’t also have.

If you’re ready to get started with an internet marketing company it will help to have these three things ready to share with the marketing company of your choice.

  1. Know your NAPS: Name, address, phone number and other stuff like regular business hours, holiday hours, and website.
  2. List of services your business offers.
  3. Login and passwords to your domain and any other accounts that your marketer will need to access.

What can you do in under 5 minutes to impact your internet presence? Sign up for Google My Business. It’s free, easy to use and will let your customers who are shopping online know you exist and you are ready for their business.

A shocking number of businesses in the Redding area do not have websites and are not online. And if you need some help with that, go to

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