Chauncey: Welcome back to the Being Found Show I am here with Jake from Cloud Wise Academy, Jake what’s new over at Cloud Wise Academy?

Jake: We just finished our second Project Hometown class, if you don’t know what that is I will explain. The Project Hometown classes are being run specifically for high school students in our area with the goal of teaching our local students how to a create and maintain a WordPress website. So that’s the first thing. Second is that we’re going to connect those high school students to local businesses in need of these skills.

The goal is that these high school students would be connected with a technology company in the area and there’s several who have already started to jump on board with us. So we are connecting local students with local tech companies, and then we connect the student and the tech company with a local business who would not otherwise be able to afford to get an online presence or doesn’t understand what it takes.

So we are creating an on-ramp for those local companies by designing a WordPress website and giving them an online presence. Let’s make it clear who this is benefiting. We’ve got local high school students who are getting real-world training with the opportunity to gain excellent high paying technology jobs, and we also have local businesses who can finally get an online presence to help them thrive in this e-commerce environment.

So there’s benefit for the students’ and benefits for local business because the end goal is economic prosperity for Shasta County. So join Project Hometown, You’ll have an opportunity to mentor a high school student. If you find that high school student to be a shining star, Hey, you just found an employee for your business.

Chauncey: It’s nice to see something that benefits the whole community like we were saying earlier, never in human history has there been an invention where people just said, no, we’re not going to do that. You know, you have got to go with the flow and the flow is heading towards technology and those kids need to know what to do.

I have a funny story, it was about 10 years ago during the significant recession a lot of older people including my father lost a lot of there retirement money. He felt like, you know, people were killing each other in the streets and fighting for Taco Bell jobs and here I am working in marketing and doing well. I went from being the loser son who could never accomplish anything to being the one who was surviving and thriving in this new economic apocalypse. I’m like, Hey, great. You know, because at the time I was growing my business, I was struggling, you know, but he just thought that was the greatest thing ever.

Jake: That’s awesome. So you understand that these kids need to be ready for the future.

Chauncey: You can check us out at and please check out, especially if you are a Shasta County business in need of a website. Thank you for listening to this segment of the Being Found Show, to hear the full show listen here: Being Found Show Episode #51 or subscribe to our podcast.