Chauncey: Welcome back to the Being Found Show your radio show about marketing and local business. We always ask the question “if you’re not being found for your products and services then who do you think is?” The answer is that your competitors are being found.

Alright, we’re going to cover what Google Chrome has done in regards to HTTPS. I know this sounds boring, however if you have a website, you’re marketers should have been coming after you to get an SSL certificate, which means that your website is secure, about half of the sites on the internet right now are secure and Google has been threatening for a couple of years that they are going to start popping up warnings if you don’t have this taken care of.

Google announced that starting in September 2018, Chrome will stop marking HTTPS sites as “Secure” in its address bar. And then in October 2018, Chrome will start displaying a red “Not secure” label on HTTP pages.

It started with a pop up telling web visitors that your website was secure. It was the little green bar with a little green lock. But now Google is basically saying security should be normal, and you don’t need to see that anymore, but bad security should be in your face.

If you’re wondering what this means, well it means that people will see “not secure” and they will bounce, and what bounce means is that they will hit the back button and when that happens it makes your website less relevant in the eyes of Google. It will impact your website traffic.

Jake: Just to be clear, this was already a ranking factor?

Chauncey: We know for sure that when people bounce from your page your ranking suffers, that alone is a good reason to get this taken care of soon.

How Do You Obtain An SSL Certificate?

If your website marketing company is not telling you to do this, call them up and say, “what is https?” and why does Google say I need it? If you do not have a website company, you can get an SSL certificate from your current website hosting provider.

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