Chauncey: Welcome back to the Being Found Show. We are here to help small and local businesses be found online by more buying customers. We are going to talk about how a business can benefit from using social media. Many business owners may think; If social media doesn’t convert, what’s the point? This can be applied to a lot of things. If these things don’t convert to dollars, what’s the point? I think the most immediate answer to this would be that not having a facebook page is the equivalent of not having fancy business cards in the 1980’s.

If you don’t have one, chances are you’re not a business who is reaching its full audience potential. There’s this broader range of conversion that is difficult to get statistics on. Having this sort of presence adds credibility that maybe will never be talked about outside of the person’s website. Wouldn’t you find a business that had a social media presence to be more credible?

Jake: Yeah, absolutely. I would even do some research there if I were going to be purchasing from that company.

Chauncey: We live in a time where peoples personal opinion affects our marketing and our online reputation. There is a conservative talk radio which talked about Patriot Mobile where if you are sick of your phone company giving to liberal causes, you can switch over to them, and they will assure you that they only give to conservative causes. There’s another one that’s like a competitor for AARP which is like the conservative AARP.

I live here in Redding, California so there is no shortage of conservative stuff but the liberal side is guaranteeing its morals and causes are liberal as well. All of this could be in your social media realm. I am not telling local businesses to put their political opinions online because it is a little bit odd and unnecessary. I am pointing out that a lot of people have monetized this to their advantage.

You pay a marketer to come up with some great ideas and someone thought, let’s try this. Let’s see how this one sticks. Wrapping this back around to the main idea, the point is to get your message out there and convert because what you’re doing is you’re ingraining yourself in people’s brains. You’re gaining and creating a trust factor. The trust factor is an incredibly difficult thing to put a number on, but just by merely being there, people are thinking that these guys are going to be here for awhile.

One good way to illustrate this is one SEO ranking factor is if you bought your domain name for ten years. Google will look at that and say these people are planning on being here for the long haul so we’re more apt to serve them up because they’re not some fly by night thing that might be gone tomorrow.

So if you’re sitting there asking yourself if social media doesn’t convert, then what is the point? The point is the trust factor. Not only trust factor to a human being but also trust factor to Google search engines. This is chipping away at the next step in your businesses growth. You need to be stable, and you need to get in there and figure out what works for you and your business. This is a pretty simple risk and reward sort of a situation within this. What are you risking by setting up your social media accounts? Very little time and zero money with the possibility of huge growth and change for your business online.

This is the case with all the big social media. You have to find out what works for your business, and the only way to do that is to get in there and try it all out.  Which platform will work for you is completely dependent on what you’re selling and what message you are trying to convey to your consumers.

Jake: I teach classes at Cloud Wise Academy to high school students. Every time I start a new class, I do a show of hands to see what social media sites they’re on, just to satisfy Curiosity for myself among these high school students. Facebook is actually going down. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a facebook account, because you should as it is the number one social media platform out there. I am saying that you need to change with the times as they’ve changed.

Chauncey: So the question is if social media does not convert, then what’s the point? And the point is it doesn’t convert directly, but it does help your other conversion points. Get yourself out there, get on it, make it happen, screw around with it. Figure out what is right for your business and how to satisfy and reach your customers. What can go wrong?

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