Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show. We are the local business guide to being found online by more buying customers. In this segment, we are going to talk about how happy customers aren’t usually the ones who take the time to talk about your business, more often than not its the unhappy customers who rate and review your business online because they feel unsatisfied and want to be heard.

It seems happy people don’t talk about how happy they are, especially in this day and age. It seems like the unhappy people are the loudest. Your friend will come to you saying that he and the misses are in a fight but would never come to you talking about a special moment they have together. I have had people call into another radio show I do and tell me how much the show sucks. I have never had anyone call in and tell me how great it is. Maybe there are also 26 other people out there who also think it’s bad, but I bet you it also represents that there are 100 people out there listening who maybe like it and aren’t voicing that at all.

People just don’t go out of their way, especially in the case of customer service. If I pay someone to come to clean my porch, be polite to me and get the job done how he is expected to, I am not going to go out of my way to kiss up to him and tell explain how great he is. He did not go above and beyond; he did the job I paid him to do. Adversely, if he were to be rude and did a poor job, I would have something to say about it and I would probably make sure it was voiced out on the internet.

Remember that for every 4 consumers who complain there are also 26 other unhappy people who remained silent, they are probably a lot of other people out there that are happy about your business. What you should do is send out a customer service survey because you’ll see how your customers are feeling and hear from those customers who aren’t full of complaints. Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. So make those customers happy and make them want to stick around.

Often business owners will focus on the big picture instead of each customer as holding their business up. People are very fickle and if a business screws over a consumer, they will have no problem moving on to their competitor. Keeping customers happy in this new e-commerce environment is more important than ever because your competition is just one click away.

Jake: Google sent out an awesome statistic saying that B2B customers have the same expectations as B2C customers. This means if you’re selling bulk petroleum valves to another company, it better be as easy as that person going on Amazon and buying a pair of shoes. That’s their expectation, and if you’re not meeting that, they might be looking for someone else.

Chauncey: Absolutely because somebody else is willing to undercut you. 7 out of 10 people were willing to pay a little bit more for better quality service. My time, as the businessman, is worth money and so is the consumers. You need to provide an easy service that gets done right, or people will bounce. As well, news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for the good service experience. I don’t think any of us are shocked about that. It seems like we live in this world where people are just ready to complain. I think we created this monster by making everything available with ease.

A lot of people, especially older people, are scared of the Internet because when the Internet first came out, it wasn’t easy to use. When it first came out, it was all IP addresses. To go a website, you had actually to type in the numbered addresses, and then they came up with the domain names and stuff like that. I’m trying to teach my mother in law how to find somebody on Facebook, and it is a slow process.

The Internet has come along way with ease of usability. We shot ourselves in the foot with this because now people are expecting it to be easy. They’re expecting you to deliver it to them on a silver platter and for them to pay as little as possible. This is the world of business that we live in, and if you want to make some money, you need to work with what is happening in the present and get your products and services out where your consumers want to find them.

Look at these websites that are doing great. Facebook is a great example. There are hundreds of millions of people on Facebook. What you have is a standard that’s been created, you can use those standards to reach your customers. So pay attention to those and integrate them. You have to learn to utilize your vertical, and once you’re in there, you can sort of pick and choose the parts that you feel that are helping and apply them to your system.

Customer Service Tips:

  • Make your business website easy for your customers to use
  • Make your business easy to find online
  • Treat current customers great!
  • Treat new customers great!
  • Ask your customers how you are doing and what you can do better
  • Use the right vertical marketing channels for your industry, so your customers can find you where they want to shop
  • Remember your competition is just one click away

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