Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show. We are the local business guide to being found online by more buying customers. In this segment, we are talking about Google My Business and the services it has to offer.

Google My Business has exploded with services. For quite a long time, Google My Business was just focused on verifying that businesses existed and then just showing them on the map. Joe and I have talked a few times about how Google has taken over the internet, and there isn’t much we can do about it. In your personal life, you can ward off Google all you want, but as a business, if you want to succeed, you have to accept Google and utilize it.

Google My Business has now exploded into tons of services, and we were talking with Andrea our media specialist about what those services are if we should be using them, and how to get local businesses to use them as well as benefit from them. The bottom line is the more you use Google as a business, the apter you are to show up and gain traffic and customers. The more services of Google that you’re using, the more trust and validation you gain from Google as a business.

One thing that has come and went is the business description. It was up for a while, Google took it down and had recently brought it back. Google is a constant mirror of searches trying to figure everything out and serve up the best results and create the best experience for its consumers. Maybe they felt like it was confusing for a little while and they’ve decided that it has value now.

As an example, I work with a lot of carpet cleaning companies. The main keyword is carpet cleaner and when you search up the keyword, do you know what you get? A list of carpet cleaners, a map pack, maybe an info pack. You also get machines that clean your carpet, so these descriptions are sometimes necessary to help people understand what exactly it is they’re looking at because it can get confusing. Use this feature on Google to your fullest. That applies to nearly every service. Anything that they give you to fill out, you should take the time to complete. This goes for citation profiles, social media profiles, and it goes for Google My Business.

Jake: We were talking with Andrea, our media specialist, and we had to decide on someone’s business description that we didn’t have a great example of. We started by just figuring out and putting in exactly what this business does. We got the facts out there and got the ball rolling. Tailoring the message will be a lifelong thing that never ends so you shouldn’t sit around trying to make it perfect. You should get the message out to the consumers and just get started. Don’t get ready to get started; just get going!

So our next service we need to discuss is the attribute section for your Google My Business. This one is a little controversial but for years Google My business has had things for restaurants like gluten-free options and outdoor seating. You could have a new URL for your gym or hotel, information on whether or not dogs are allowed or if you have an indoor pool. If you are a bank, you could have info on ATMs, Safe Deposit Boxes, and check cashing. All these things would show up as little attributes of your business. So somebody at a glance could see the important info about your business that they may otherwise have spent time looking for, unnecessarily.

There have been new attributes added, and these might be a little controversial to you if you’re listening to them, but they exist, and you should utilize them if you can. The bottom line is, politics don’t matter. You’re a businessman or woman; you could utilize attributes like woman-led, unisex bathrooms, or LGBTQ+ friendly. Some of them seem weird or redundant to add in, but you have the option.

Jake: I think in large part, Google is reflecting the searches they see in their additions. If they see these searches, they want to let businesses know these things are being searched and people are looking for this. Maybe you want to let people know right up front.

Chauncey: I did not make that connection. That is interesting. There have probably been enough service searches for women-led businesses, LGBTQ+ friendly businesses and Unisex bathrooms at an event center or something that they felt the need to provide that in the entrepreneur section.

One that has been around for a long time is restaurant menus. They’ve now expanded that to business services. So now just instead of your menu, you can actually address services like menu items. This is a big deal, and I will use carpet cleaners as my example once again. Carpet cleaners can do more than just carpet, so when a customer searches up their services, having a whole menu would save them time and prevent them from moving onto your competitor.

If it didn’t even cross my mind that there’s a potential upsell. My business posts have been around for a couple of months now, and they show up on both my Google My Business listing and my map pack. They are to grab the attention of those searching. They’re like a mini ad or a little social media posts that show up in your Google My Business listing, and it’s a great place to put things like events or sales or links to your content.

Now there’s a lot of situations online where you’re trying to grab the attention of a specific type of search. When I create a landing page for a plumber in Redding, I am creating a different message for each of those searches. One thing you need to bear in mind with your Google My Business is that it’s showing up when people search for your business and you show up for anything. So you need something that’s a little all-encompassing.

The one that’s been there for quite a while is the gallery. The gallery has become way more used, and I think was a kickoff point for a lot of this stuff being added. I think the gallery was a prime example to Google that this Google My Business thing is going to fly. What I mean by that is that by creating the listing on the side of the search page, Google is getting in the way of people going to your website. So this is how they’re taking over. Now instead of clicking on the link, going into your website and converting, they actually can call you and do all these things right from the search engine without ever actually going to your website.

Get your free business listing on Google My Business to start building visibility in Google Maps and Google Search in your local community. Start here, its quick, easy and worth the effort. Take control of how people are seeing your business online and help make it easier for customers to find you. Google is not going anywhere anytime soon.

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