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Of all of the branches of digital marketing, SEO can be the most volatile. SEO trends are always changing, and it’s up to businesses to decide whether they’ll sink or swim. Taking risks is an inevitable part of any digital marketing strategy, but it’s essential to know which risks have the highest chance of reward. Here are just a few SEO risks that are worth taking — as well as one that’s better to avoid.

Risk Worth Taking: Optimizing URL Structures

It may not seem like it, but your site’s URLs can make a big impact if they’re optimized correctly. Not only should the homepage URL be short and snappy, but the landing pages should contain relevant keywords and give more specifics regarding content. Though this may be a long and tedious process, the payoff is well worth it.

Risk Worth Taking: Giving and Receiving Backlinks

Many people consider it a risk to provide high-quality backlinks, seeing as they can raise the rankings of competitor sites and even cause the user to click away. But the fact is, Google rewards sites for providing high-quality backlinks, since it’s ultimately helping Google to provide the most relevant information. The only risk is providing too many backlinks to non-reputable sites.

Risk to Avoid: Deleting/Combining Pages

Though this may seem like a logical ‘quality over quantity’ approach, it doesn’t make sense in regards to SEO value. Deleting pages means eliminating all associated keyword values and Google rankings for those pages. Even if you’re no longer providing the products or services described in those pages, don’t delete them — simply redirect the consumer to other relevant product/service pages.

SEO Services Redding

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