Chauncey: Welcome to the Being Found Show. We are the local business guide to being found online by more buying customers. I am your host Chauncey Haworth here with my co-host Jake Hinton. I’ll start this out by talking about computer and technology in general, and then we will explain why optimizing your local business website is getting easier, and we will share a simple website rule to follow.

A lot of older people are terrified of computers and social media because it seems difficult to understand. What they don’t know is that technology has really moved in a way where technology does not expect you to be technological. They’re pandering to the lowest common denominator. Jake just bought a Chromebook, and those devices are made to be opened up and just get going without any hassle. Technology, in general, has really just moved in a way where you pick it up and you start using it, and all the tools you may need are right in front of you and are easy to navigate. The end user experience is really dialed in.

Google has been doing their part to make SEO this way as well. There is huge because Google’s algorithm is reading your site and your intention so well that you can do a huge amount of your own marketing really just by being you. Being real, putting your message out there, and linking like a normal person is really all you need. Google is really sort of reading that stuff to the point where you can’t get heavily competitive without knowing your stuff, but you could get in there without really knowing too much.

Jake: This happening almost naturally. 20 years ago search engines had to depend on really strange clues to understand what your website is about. Today, with how advanced these algorithms are and how smart the Google Bot has become, simply by talking to your online customers the way you would talk to your real-world customers, Google understands. That’s a simple rule to follow, just be honest, be blunt and say exactly what you mean on each page. That is 90% of the work right there.

When adding info to your website be honest, be blunt and say precisely what you mean on each page. That is 90% of the work right there because Google understands your intention.

Chauncey: So much of SEO has become conversion and page speed. It’s not necessarily them getting there, but it’s once they get there that matters. Thank you for listening to this segment of the Being Found Show, to hear the full show listen here: Being Found Show Episode #58 or subscribe to our Podcast.