Chauncey: This week, on the Being Found show, we’re going to be talking
about your 2019 marketing planning. 2018’s almost over, all your marketing is probably done, and if it’s not the only thing you got to fall back on at this point is AdWords.

There’s not a huge amount that you can do. Of course, you can do some social media for some last-minute buyers, but of course, shipping times are coming closer and closer to being done, and so, it’s all about local clients, local services, and stuff like that, things they can get immediately.

Let’s talk about an article from Target Marketing. The article is Your 2019 Marketing Planning Guide. Very creative title. Nothing says “click me,” like that, I guess. Then I scroll down to “Revisit your buyer’s personas, and document your objectives.” You know, whenever I read these things, that doesn’t sound very exciting. There’s not a lot of excitement in that sentence, so let’s see if we can pep it up.

“Revisit your buyer’s personas” is basically, have your buyer personas changed in the past year? Have the people that are buying from you changed? Are they different people, are they different types of people, or have those people changed themselves? Have their needs shifted? Are they facing new challenges, and do they have different goals?

Because your goal is to provide a service, even if you’re selling a product, your goal is to provide a service, and that’s applied, then, with the product that they want, and need. Around here, at Northern California, an obvious change in people’s lives has been the fires through the summers, and so, there is a shift in people’s attitudes, and their needs. Even people who weren’t directly affected by the fire, some are suffering from some post-traumatic stress.

I know that’s an abstract one, but how do people’s needs change? One way to look at it is, like, how’s the economy doing? How’s the economy for your clientele
doing? Is that going to affect their needs in the future, and really, what can you do to be a part of that, and to be in there?

If you’re in the case of entertainment, if you’re offering entertainment services, and let’s say, the economy is doing bad, you can automatically look at it like, “We’re gonna take a financial hit this year.” Or you can look at it like, “I’m going to change my service a little bit, to make sure that those people who have saved up all their money, to get that benefit entertainment that they need, really get their money’s worth.”

So there are different ways to look at it. Has anything in our industry changed? Is a great thing to look at. Especially for Jake and I, technology is constantly changing.

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: I had a funny realization when we were in a meeting the other day, we might be in one industry where people are most often sitting at their computers, and not on their mobile devices.

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: It seems like every other industry can work from their phone, but us, who sort of create the Internet experience for phones, but we have to do it from a desktop.

Jake: Yeah, and what’s funny is, even us, working so closely together, I find myself on my phone more and more often now.

Chauncey: Do you?

Jake: Oh, yeah. Yeah. I think it’s just the difference between; you’re usually the developer.

Chauncey: Right.

Jake: And I often to be the communicator.

Chauncey: Right, so, a lot of what you do is management, project management, client communications

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: Stuff like that, yup. Making sure that everything’s going right, and people are happy.

Jake: Yeah.

Chauncey: Other things to look at, of course, are demographics. Are demographics changing? This wasn’t actually in the article, but help centers and e-mails and complaints, it’s a good thing to do. Take a look at what people were not happy with last year, and sort of, try to address those things because there’s an obvious pitfall there for you, a place where you can work on it.

Finally, what are your objectives for next year? What exactly is it that
you want to achieve next year? And don’t say, “Make more money,” because everybody wants that. That’s like saying, “I wanna continue to breathe next year.” That doesn’t count.

Everybody wants to make more money next year. So, get a little artsy on this. Like you want happier customers, you want more reviews, you want employee involvement. My suggestion to almost every business, though, is, your goal for next year, if you have employees, is more pizza parties. Nothing makes people happy like a pizza party. Happy employees means happy clients right?

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