Chauncey: Alright, welcome back to the Being Found show, your guide to being found by more buying customers. Up here in this segment, we’re talking about influencers and how influencers can help you. We’re dealing with a blog from Scrunch, 24 Reasons Why Brands Should Work With Influencers And I have to first throw in, 24 is a large number.

This is a trend of blogs because people like to absorb things in snippets. We live in a world of snippets, not articles. When was the last time you read a paragraph that was more than three sentences?

Jake: It’s been a while.

Chauncey: It’s been a while, but I have to say these guys are cheating. A lot of these are duplicates of one another that could’ve been explained under the same title. So as we run through these, we’re gonna make sure that we trim the fat.

So first off, what is an influencer? So as a business, you have your clientele. Of your clientele, there are certain people who are more involved in the tech space and the internet and talking and have larger groups of people listening to them, those are influencers.

Basically, those people who have the ear of your buying audience. Now this can take on very different forms for different industries, for B to B, for B to C. Sometimes, they’re businesses themselves, especially in B to B, business to business. Sometimes there’s advocacy groups and stuff like that that if you can get on the good side with them, they can be an influencer partner.

This takes a lot of different forms, but hopefully, you just understand the concept that of the people that you’re talking to and that you are trying to get to convert, there are certain people who have a larger percentage of the ear of your buying audience.

So why would you want to work with them? I think my explanation probably shows you some of it, just right there. And that is, they generate sales just by them being out there and talking to your buying audience, it adds some trust, and your buying audience is saying, “Oh, there it is.” It also expands your audience to their audience.

People who didn’t even know that they could use you, people who didn’t even know about your services or about your products. And then a big one is that they create content. Content is one of those things that everybody seems to think is no big deal. Content is a big deal.

Jake: It’s one of the biggest deals. It’s huge.

Chauncey: Not only is it a big deal as it drives traffic, but it’s also what the internet is built on. No content means no internet. But it’s a big deal that it’s not easy to make, everybody thinks, “Oh, I’m gonna do that.” Jake, have you ever had somebody who you were managing to build up a website for or building a website for, and they said they were gonna write all their own content?

Jake: I have, yeah.

Chauncey: How long did it take for that content to come in?

Jake: Well, it took several months.

Chauncey: Yeah, it takes several months, if it comes in at all.

Jake: And so I guess I should add, the worst part was that it was completely filled with technical jargon that I didn’t understand, and I know her searching customers were not gonna understand as well.

Chauncey: So a lot of the time, these businesses are writing their content focused at other businesses so that they can keep pace, or I don’t really know what they’re thinking.

Jake: I think a lot of it is, they’re writing for themselves because it’s not really their job to think like their customer. Well, scratch that, it is. It is their job to think like their customer, but it’s a hard mindset to get into when you’re writing.

You and I, we have to do this for this radio show. We could talk technical jargon the whole time. We can go on for hours about the use of CDMs with CMSs on your whatever, and no one would get it.

Chauncey: It’s like the alphabet, the alphabet offices. So creating content is not easy, it is not easy. So what these influencers do is basically, that’s what they do, they create content. So you get on the good side with them, they create content. And what does that content do? That content spreads across the internet with your name on it.

So basically, for half the effort, you have now gotten content, you’ve gotten your name spread and possibly virally going out there to all sorts of folks. They build brand awareness. This is what we were talking about earlier. They inform, so let’s say I’m an influencer and I got 5,000 people that are listening to me. And let’s say 2,000 of them already know about my product, that means that 3,000 of them might get informed that I even exist.

So that brand awareness is really a big deal, even in a small town, even in a smaller industry, even at a local based service level. Just think about a restaurant, imagine the power of that restaurant from getting 2,000 to 5,000 people knowing about them. How often are you driving down the road and you’re just like, “Oh, there’s a new restaurant, I had no idea.”

Jake: Yeah, and I’ve heard, and I don’t know anything about the restaurant industry, I don’t work for any restaurants but having the right core group of people who frequent your restaurant or who talk about your restaurant can be the difference between you being very successful and not.

Chauncey: Yeah, totally. If you’re on the street corner and some guy in a dirty gorilla suit that hasn’t been washed for three months tells you that it’s the best tacos in town, you’re probably gonna be [crosstalk 00:06:37], that’s a hard pass for me.

Alright, so they’re a trusted voice. They didn’t get this audience without being something that this audience wanted to listen to and was interested in. So this audience automatically has more trust for you coming from them. The difference is, the dirty gorilla suit guy versus your mom telling you how great the tacos are.

They have authority and influence, I think that’s obvious, I think that’s why we’re already covering with the trust they have. I don’t really know about authority. The word authority, a lot of you might be taking this another way. In the internet and marketing, authority means that you just have a better ranking, that you have a higher stance than other people.

They build relationships, they can help build relationships for you, they start it. And a lot of their other people are influenced by them to become influencers on their own, and so you can follow these people and when you see them on the up and coming, you can tack onto them and grow your influence over influencers.

They’re expert communicators. This is what you were talking about. It’s hard to switch gears from talking about your business, working all day. SEO is my main focus, and it’s a prime example. I sit there working all day doing SEO, and then I need to switch gears to explain to my wife why I’m being grumpy that day or something. And I can’t tell her, “Oh, it’s because my metrics on column four were bothering me. She’s gonna glaze over immediately.

They’re engaged and they’re creative. Of course, this is a big one. You don’t have time, you’re a business owner, you’re a business worker unless you’re paying people to be engaged for you and to be creative for you, to reach out to those people, to constantly be in connection, to create little graphics that people might notice. That’s what these influencers are doing, that’s how they make their money, especially if you have some sort of affiliate system going on. They’re going to flock to you because they can make a little bit of money out of that transfer track.

They tend to know their audience better than you know yours. This is something that we talk to businesses about on a regular basis, and that is that I don’t know how to fix a car. Jake does, but I don’t know how to fix a car. If my car breaks down, I’m not gonna fix it myself. And I always think it’s weird that business guys are just all like, “Well, I’m gonna build my own website.” And you’re all like, “What?”. I’m just gonna teach myself.

There’s some Legal Zoom commercial out right now where the guy is just all, “Oh, I was having legal problems and I like to take care of things myself, so I went to college and became a lawyer.” He’s all, “Just kidding, I got Legal Zoom.” Or something like that. And it was a really good point that, do what you’re good at, and let other people do what they’re good at. They’re an excellent value for money.

Jake: That’s dependent on how good your guy is and what he’s charging.

Chauncey: Well, it’s easy to set up something on a conversion level where they only get paid for the conversion.

So all of these things can really help you, finding those people who are influencing your audience, can really help you. So influencers might be one of those terms that you look at the internet and you’re just all, “Whatever, stupid internet terms.” But it’s really one that as a business owner, you should know.

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