The Being Found Radio Show

If your company isn’t being found who’s is?

Every week Joe & Chauncey demystify the internet.

Streamlining your Ecommerce Checkout Process

We’re talking about streamlining your e-commerce checkout process. There’s a list of steps and tools that you can implement to make your customers’ purchasing process easier. 

Link Building Strategy For Local Business

Links from your website to other relevant websites play a role in your business’ SEO visibility because they help to establish the credibility of your business. But trying to cheat the system by using unrelated links will damage your website visibility over time.

SEO Risks: Which are Worth Taking?

Of all of the branches of digital marketing, SEO can be the most volatile. SEO trends are always changing, and it’s up to businesses to decide whether they’ll sink or swim. Taking risks is an inevitable part of any digital marketing strategy, but it’s essential to...

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