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Joe Mckenna – CEO and Co-founder

I learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

Joe Mckenna is the CEO of Cloud Potential and Cloud Wise Academy, and the host of the Being Found Radio Show.

For about 10 years, Joe pretty much made it his second job to get a handle on how marketing works in the age of the Internet – websites, paid search, CRM and CMS systems, SEO. You name it, he learned it.

About two years ago he started Cloud Potential and made it his mission to help other business owners master the Internet as well. But around the same time, something funny happened: Everyone started using smartphones for everything, and all of his lessons have suddenly become incredibly urgent.

Seriously, you don’t have to learn the hard way. If you’ve got a question, just ask Joe.


Jake Hinton – Project Manager
Oh Lordy.
If Joe Mckenna is the “Prof. X” of Cloud Potential, then Jake is the “Cyclops” (the nerdiest business owners will understand that reference). That is to say, he’s in charge of making sure the team gets things done. He’s also very tall and wears glasses, much like Cyclops.

Jake has been a number of things in his life – an electrician, a stockbroker, and also an EOD specialist with the marines. Because he’s been all over the world saving lives and defusing bombs, he has tons of great stories. He took a Cloud Wise Academy course to try to change his career, and was the first Cloud Wise student to sell a website.

He has been working for Cloud Potential since September 2016, and tends to say corny, Charlie Brown-esque things when frustrated, like “good grief,” or “oh Lordy.”

Sean Kittrick – Content Specialist
Sean is the vaguely androgynous copywriter at Cloud Potential, which means he spends all day staring at a word processor, trying to come up with synonyms for “optimize.” He went to college at UC Santa Barbara to learn to be a creative writer, then spent a year writing an unpublished novel until he met Joe at a Cloud Wise Academy Course and was persuaded to give gainful employment a try. He’s been working for Cloud Potential since August, 2016.

Sean also appears every week with Joe Mckenna and Chauncey Haworth on the Being Found Radio Show.

Sean is very easily startled, so sometimes other people in the office will whack the back of his chair just to watch him jump. Jake had to peel him off the ceiling after the one week when the office fire alarm was malfunctioning.

Rodrick “Rod” Dusio Macdermott – Software Developer
Stuff n’ things . . .Stuff n’ things
Rodrick is a highly skilled software developer who hadn’t done any coding before he took the first Cloud Wise Academy class in the middle of 2016, which is kind of a testament to his genius.

Essentially, Rodrick can fix anything, whether it’s a website, a truck, or a broken machine. He could probably repair an alien spaceship if he needed to.

One last thing: Rodrick is a total nerd. He likes tabletop games, video games, movies, comics, you name it.

Steven McCorkle – Software Designer/ Video Editor
You’ve seriously never watched Rampo Kitan?
Steven is the newest member of the Cloud Potential Team. He helps Rodrick with development work, Jake with design work, and is more than capable of doing a bit of absolutely everything.

Steven is a soft-spoken anime enthusiast with a critical mind and a lot of education. He’s right an awful lot of the time, so it’s a good thing he’s on our side.

He’s learning Japanese and owns a Japanese sword. Seriously.


Andrea Mckenna – Social Media Specialist
Andrea Mckenna is Joe’s sister, and she handles social media for Cloud Potential and books guests for the Being Found Show. An expert at Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other platforms that the cool people are using nowadays, Andrea works tirelessly to make sure the messages of Cloud Potential’s clients are dispersed out into the wide world. She also does lots of research, and deals with information from Cloud Wise Academy students.

She lives in Southern California.

Chauncey Haworth – SEO Master
How quickly can you locate and implement the answer off Google?
Chauncey Haworth may very well be the most knowledgeable Internet marketer in northern California. He helps Cloud Potential know what the next steps are when it comes to optimizing websites.

After doing pretty much every other kind of job out there, Chauncey discovered Internet marketing and found it was the perfect fit. Being a creative type, interested in art and music, he began in the web world by getting his own work online, and gradually acquired more experience from there.

Chauncey Haworth has been married for thirteen years to a friend of twenty-six years. Together they have three wonderful children.

Desiree Bryant – Marketing Strategist
Grow by leaps and bounds!
Desiree is a veritable genius at marketing and conversion who has made quite a bit of money for several companies in executive management positions. She spends a portion of her time helping Cloud Potential with its campaigns.

Having Desiree help you is a little bit like clinging desperately to the wing of a soaring jetliner.  She will make your goals happen, with or without you. Full steam ahead.