Search Engine Optimization

We are currently walking through some of the basics of search engine optimizarion on your website.

Client Review Checklist

The first thing we will be doing on your website are we are beginning the new year and your search engine optimization list is to take a snapshot of your site as it is right now.  We want to make to we take a copy of your website for several reasons:

  • We want to back up the files before we make major core file changes
  • We want to make sure we have something to fall back ion in the event files are corrupted
  • We want to make sure all recent changes to the website are recorded to prevent data loss.

Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools (GWT)

Check all message in google search console. Google “crawls” your website constantly. They do this to check for updated content. GWT is where you can receive messages straight from Google on the health of your website before they begin causing larger issues.

Check for 300/400/500 errors. When Google takes a look at your website they do it just like a normal human would, they look at your menus and buttons and “click” on them to get to the next page. When a page is renamed or recreated it can cause the menus and buttons to go to the wrong destination. this will cause what is called a 404 error. Some themes and types of websites cause these more than others. Nobody likes to see a 404 error when they are searching the web so we have to go in and redirect each one. Likewise, we resolve any of the less common 300 series errors and 500 series (server) errors.

Traffic/Rankings Review

As we continue working on the website the ultimate desire is to increase the revenue of your business. The best way to do this is to maximize the number of people who find your site for the right reasons and minimize the number of people getting to your site for the wrong reasons. When a lot of traffic shows up to your site for the wrong reason it will actually reduce the overall effectiveness of your site. (that is a checklist item for another day)

Core Content Managment System (CMS) File Updates

Because the internet is always changing website must change to keep up with it. Because of this these systems offer updates that need to be added to your website. Most updates are small and don’t have a detrimental effect on the site, however, if you neglect updates for too long they will eventually cause the site to malfunction and make the site vulnerable to malicious attack.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Assesment

An SSL is a way for your website to communicate with the rest of the internet more securely. For the last 20 years, sites have been able to do fine without an SSL. To put it bluntly, those days are gone. Websites without an SSL are regarded as dangerous by search engines and some will even go to great lengths to keep users away from non-secure websites (Google being one of them). Not only do we need to make sure your SSL is up to date but we also need to ensure nothing is on the site that will compromise its effectiveness.

Verify Robots.txt and Site Indexability

Robots.txt is a language spoken by websites and search engines. Websites will actually tell search engines whether or not they should index or even look at certain pages on the site. This code is usually created by websites based on best practices however because the wrong bit of code can be detrimental to a website it must be checked.

Verify that there is a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions Page and they are linked from the footer

This is a low impact best practice that we regard as low hanging fruit. There is very little detriment to not having a privacy policy and sitemap in the site. But because we have tools and procasses in place to create both of them we make sure this “trust factor” is taken care of.

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